29 Jul


For the past few years I’ve supported Young Rewired State. So have Twilio. This year – now that we’re one in the same – Twilio and I have been working on how we can showcase the amazing, talented, and wonderful young coders of the UK.

I give you #CodeOnTheRoad.

During the course of the week that Young Rewired State runs, thousands of under 18s will descend on local ‘centres’ all over the UK to ‘code a better country’ using open government data, supported by a network of local mentors.

This year, I’ll be jumping in my little old car and driving over 2,000 miles to visit 20 centres all over the UK – seeing 200 young coders hard at work and proving to the world that the future of the software industry is in safe hands.


On Monday I’m hitting Wales and the South West. On Tuesday I’ll be in London, East Anglia, and the Midlands. Wednesday sees me cover Scotland, Thursday the North, finishing the week on Friday in Birmingham ready for my talk – “Software People are Awesome” – at the Festival of Code.

The aim is simple – capture the essence of the week in pictures, videos, tweets and conversations, showcasing the best that young people in the UK have to offer, and ask the rest of the industry one simple question:

Young people see the importance of  APIs. Do you?

I’ve spent years talking online about how awesome young DOers are, now it’s time to show the world that the UK has the very best young talent that the world has to offer! Follow along with the #CodeOnTheRoad and #YRS2013 hashtags, this blog, and the Twilio Twitter and Facebook page for updates!